Welcome to my first foray into the social media world of blogging. I’m Bob Johnson, President of InterWest Properties, Inc. My wife Kim Johnson is our Principal Broker and our family has owned and operated InterWest since 1984. Our son Bobby is Vice President of Operations and one of our Washington Brokers. One of our daughters B.J. Newman is our Property Manager and one of our Oregon Brokers.

When InterWest began, we managed a couple of apartment complexes, some single-family homes and several storage facilities. Kim originally managed the company out of our home in the early days, until 1993 when we partnered up to grow the company. We were fortunate enough to grow rapidly in those years due to a lot of hard work and help from other partners, friends, employees and great vendors.

We no longer manage any storage units, since we specialize in single-family and plex units in one portfolio and apartment complexes with Resident Managers in another. We are regimented in Landlord/Tenant Law, using only Multifamily NW forms and strict policies and procedures. We have an innovative approach to maintenance as well and do a tremendous amount of property evaluations and preventative maintenance.

Posted by: InterWest Properties on April 14, 2015
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