I’m Out of Here!

When our tenants in the State of Washington depart, we need to be on our toes due to the differences with Oregon tenants. The final accounting of the tenant’s security deposit accompanied by details of your charges and inspections made is due within only 14 days of possession. This is a quick turnaround and can sometimes result in using reasonable estimates, prior to receiving all billings.

While you are allowed to charge for storage of abandoned property, there is no defined amount, so it must be reasonable and customary. If the value of the abandoned property is determined to be less than $250.00, the landlord may dispose of it after 7 days except that Personal Papers, Pictures and Keepsakes (not defined) must be retained for 45 days (the same period as for property with a value above $250.00). During the notice period the tenant has a right to the reasonable access for the return of their property.

The accelerated 14 day final accounting and the extracted storage time of 45 days for valuable abandoned property are two areas that can really trip up new landlords, so get educated and follow the rules to avoid problems. Happy Landlording.

Bob Johnson
InterWest Properties, Inc.

Posted by: InterWest Properties on August 7, 2015
Posted in: Property Management