We believe that this is a business which, by its nature, is very personal. Unlike many other investments, we deal in hard assets that provide tenants with a home and clients with a return on investment. In order to do well at both, constant monitoring of activity is required and complete control of the project must be maintained. Expectations of the property owners must be completely understood and abided by at all times. Tenants must be clear about the expectations of the Management Company and care must be taken to assure that this relationship remains a “two-way street” with open and honest communication.

Our goal is to achieve such complete satisfaction with each of our clients that any of them could be used as a reference at any time. We are proud to say that we are meeting this goal.

We further believe in managing your property in your own way, rather than instituting our personal preferences. Different clients place more emphasis upon certain aspects of the management than others and we respect and adjust our approach for them.

Our dedication to customer service is real and not just something that we place in advertisements. We have been through the training ground of large corporations. We have been exposed to the rhetoric of “customer service above all else”; which sometimes falls very short in actual practice. We attempt to give personal service with one-on-one communication and maintain our sense of humor.

Posted by: InterWest Properties on April 8, 2016
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