As I get older all the changes make me cranky. I like what technology does for me once it operates properly, but I hate the “clumsy” stage of introduction. Well, you can’t make an omelet without breaking a few eggs.
It’s the same way with all the changes going on at our little company. We have management, supervisory, technology, policy and operating procedure changes constantly. We are in the midst of some of the most revolutionary changes to our industry (especially specific to Portland Oregon) and we need to remain nimble and flexible.
A young, vibrant company (such as the great place we all work) must constantly strive for growth. A person must do the same. We must learn and seek out new experiences to remain engaged in the purpose of life. As a wise man once said “When you’re green you’re growing and when you’re ripe you start to rot”.
With change normally comes improvement in many forms. The challenges we face seem to come faster all the time, just like the improvements we make so rapidly. With rapid change comes opportunity for us all. Those who adapt become more dominant and those that fail (or refuse) to adapt, perish.
These are confusing times in many ways. Maybe not the most difficult of times in history, but certainly more fast-paced than ever before. Take time to pause and be thankful that your brain and body still work well enough to comprehend and participate in this adventure. The alternative to that is to perish and blow away like dust in the wind.
Posted by: InterWest Properties on November 3, 2016
Posted in: Property Management