A Property Manager Who Puts Property Owners At Ease

Nothing in this life is, necessarily, easy. However, there are some fights that are worth fighting. When it comes to making sure that you have every advantage as a property owner renting in the Portland or Vancouver Washington local areas, we at InterWest Properties, Inc. want to help you gain those advantages.

We’ve been managing properties for over 30 years and we can tell you that, often, things get worked up and seem to be rising out of control. The key is to stay the course. With proper legally tested documentation, understanding of existing and new best practices, and a willingness to learn, any issue throw out at you by tenants, city officials, or court representatives can be mitigated.

In this local market, we see city officials often taking the side of the tenants. The press is a for-profit industry, and will always showcase the perspective to evoke the real emotion of a ‘tenant’ in a much more grandiose and dramatic fashion, than that of the “the landlords.” But these things have a way of course-correcting.

Whether it’s rent stabilization, zoning restrictions, or exorbitant fees for building new properties, when the unintended consequences of any policy shift show up in the marketplace, elected officials typically seem to change their tune a bit. They must listen to landlords, property owners, and their advocates for healthy city growth.

As a property owner, the city and state need your investment! They need the service that you provide by offering up housing for lease in the city. The real estate business as an investor is still a good business. There is going to be red-tape, though. There will be permitting and zoning challenges. There will be new legal measures which must be taken to protect you as a property owner.

Our President at InterWest Properties, Inc. has, for 30+ years, said, “I don’t want property owners to have to navigate through this legal maze by themselves. I want to share my expertise in a way that improves their investments.” Each of our seasoned property managers shares that sentiment. This shifting rental marketplace can be a nightmare without a trusted & experienced guide.

We would love to be that guide for you. If you have questions about the status of the marketplace and how your property portfolio fits into it, we’d love to jump on a call with you.

Stay the course! Keep the faith! Residential real estate is a great marketplace to invest in!

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Posted by: InterWest Properties on July 11, 2017
Posted in: Property Management