Personalized Property Management Services-Portland, OR

Since 1984, InterWest Properties, Inc. has been leading the professional property management industry in the Portland and Vancouver areas. We are focused on the value of honesty and progressive ideas. These traits keep investors content, and both homes and multi-unit properties rented to high-quality tenants who care.

Our commitments to excellence and providing personalized service never waiver, and we work and improve on best practices to maximum return on clients’ investments. Whether you have one home to rent out or a number of houses or multi-unit properties throughout the area, we can meet your management needs.

Because we provide strong & compassionate leadership, we are able to stay ahead of the competition and provide you with the latest information on evolving legislative regulations. Our technology is state of the art, combined with continuing education & networking, we are always up to date. These traits allow us to provide accurate information to both investors and tenants, and if we don’t have the answer, we have access to great resources.

Maintenance standards are high, protecting your investment from damage and ensuring that units and homes are kept clean and orderly. Repairs are completed promptly, as well, so tenants are happy with the maintenance they receive.

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Local Property Management Expertise, Professional Results

We understand that the ownership and property management of rental houses and apartments can be complex, so we focus on implementing and meeting the owner’s investment goals. For many, it’s maximizing the cash flow our investors receive, while other prefer to gentler rent pricing for consistent long term tenancy. We believe Tenant’s are the foundation & cornerstone to an investment properties success. We ensure that tenants are proud to call their residences home.

Knowledge and professionalism are important to us here at InterWest Properties, Inc., and we are committed to applying creativity to solve complex problems, in order to reach a high level of service that is second to none. We were founded on a high level of values & ethics that matter to our investors and tenants, and we still cherish these values today.

When it comes to property management companies in Portland Oregon and Vancouver Washington, we have local expertise, and that is critical to a property’s great performance. For your meeting your investment goals, while maintaining a pleasant tenant experience, make it a winning decision by placing InterWest Properties in your corner.

Get Help from Property Management Experts

It’s natural in an ever-changing marketplace that every property owner, whether seasoned or just starting out, has a tendency to make common mistakes. We pride ourselves in being able to guide property investors towards marketplace trends, guidelines, and policies that help you avoid those common mistakes.

We have a menu of service options available. Whether you’re looking for consulting on your residential real estate investment, Rent-up Services, Our Gold Management Service Plan, or our Platinum package, we have a tailored product to meet your needs. Our property management experts keep a keen eye on the constantly shifting rental markets in Portland Oregon and Vancouver Washington and surrounding areas..

What you need is a property management company that will help you fine-tune your objectives based on your goals. One to help cut out unnecessary costs, boost collections, increase profit margins, and provided outstanding services to your tenants. It’s important to us that you’re able to grow your rental investment portfolio without having to bend over backwards, devoting ever-increasing amounts of your personal time to physically manage, maintain and properly account for each tenant at each rental property, each month! Your time is worth something, and many investment owners don’t place enough value on their time invested. By choosing InterWest, and a management service option that closely meets your needs, we make it our job to handle the minutiae while you focus on what, and who, is truly important to you in your life.

Professional Property Management Services You Can Count On

When it comes to working with tenants, we know that situations can sometimes get “sticky” or even uncomfortable. Do you have a problem tenant? Let our staff take that problem off of your hands. Our property management experts have years of experience in handling issues efficiently and in a professional manner. Are you looking to remove a problem tenant? Turn the removal process over to us and let us make sure all of the proper legal steps are followed. You can be confident that we will treat each tenant with dignity regardless of their life situation, and do our best to recover financial losses through our structured mid-month collections process.

We make owning investment properties in the Portland/Vancouver areas easy. Our team is ready to work with you, today. Are you unhappy about tenants who consistently delay their rent payments, utilities or fees? Our reminders and statements with online payment options help keep residents ahead on their commitments.

Do you just need help finding your own tenant? Or perhaps you want to do your own maintenance, but managing the tenants is a headache? Do you need coaching advice with a tenant’s final accounting? Perhaps you just need a second set of eyes to manage the accounting for the property? We have a menu of service options available. Whether you’re looking for consulting on your residential real estate investment, Rent-up Services, Our Gold Management Service Plan, or our Platinum Management Service Plan, we have a tailored product to meet your needs.

We provide detailed monthly financial reports, 24 hour on-call emergency maintenance, tenants with online rent payment options, Ratio utility billing, and the list goes on. Our mission to serve with people with excellence, competitive pricing and outstanding dedication to honest and ethical performance. We put people behind every business decision in the execution of our services.

Whatever needs you might be looking for in a property manager, our team of experts have the insight, experience, and local resources to successfully handle all of your rental property management needs, challenges, concerns and questions. While many companies claim to do things well, we deliver on our commitments by making things happen.

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