Quality Management Services

Our Management Services Agreement outlines our commitment to excellence in the management of your investment. Services we provide include:

  • Complete rental application process with state agency accepted forms and addendums necessary to meet Oregon’s Landlord/Tenant Laws.
  • Handle all tenant correspondence, including requests for maintenance and service.
  • Fully account for all financial transactions, including deposits.
  • Perform regular maintenance & inspections of your investment, and provide 24-hour on-call maintenance emergency service.
  • Paperless, detailed monthly statements accounting for all income and disbursements.
  • Upon change of residency, we perform a detailed written final accounting based on move-out condition and ledger balances, processed in a timely manner in accordance to state Landlord/Tenant Laws.
  • All collected rents and deposits are maintained in a client’s trust account, subject to a monthly 3-part reconciliation and periodic auditing by the state Real Estate Agencies.
  • Perform a full verification of Credit, Criminal & Rental History on all applicants.
  • Conduct regular, written inspections of the property every six months with a copy going to the owner. Regular curbside inspections are also performed and documented.